Knife Skills 101
Saturday, March 4, 2017
11:00am - 2:00pm

$80.00 per person, plus tax

knife skills knifeDo you have a beautiful chef’s knife at home – and absolutely no idea how to use it?

knife skills chopping onion


This is probably the most important class you can take to get you into cooking; many home cooks use improper knife technique.

Consider that preparing a meal is about 75% preparation (i.e. dicing, chopping and mincing) and about 25% actual cooking - and when you see how much better your knife skills are once you have completed this class, you will rush home to practice.

knife skillsIn this session, we’ll teach you the basics for handling your knives safely and correctly, including:


-Knife safety and how to hold your chef knife properly
-Classic and uniform cuts (brunoise, julienne, suprêmes, chiffonade)
-How to cut an onion properly (so it stays together while cutting!)
-The easy way to cut a bell pepper

knife skills chiffonadeYou will be provided with a selection of light snacks to sustain you through the class, and you will create a delicious, very filling Chicken Vegetable Soup using all the skills you just learned with your knife cuts.

We are happy to provide Wusthof chef knives for your use during the class, as well as tips and advice for purchasing the best knives for your needs. These are the same knives we carry in our store!

Did you know that you can also drop off your knives at our store to have them sharpened professionally on the first Thursday of each month?

At Kitchen Table, we build your confidence in the kitchen forever!

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