COUPLES CLASS - Via dell'Amore (Cinque Terre's Lover's Lane on the Italian Riviera)
Friday, April 7, 2017
6:00pm - 9:00pm

$240.00 per couple, plus tax

Manarola“Mi Amore (that’s “My Love” in Italian!). Come with me!” he says, taking your hand in his as he leads you out onto the balcony. “Tonight, I have something very special planned for the two of us! Imagine we are in Liguria, on the Italian Riviera!!”

“Look. it's the beautiful villages of Cinque Terre!!” What you see takes your breath away. The dipping sun sets the beautiful colors ablaze on buildings that seem to be suspended on cliffs. The ocean below laps gently on the rocky shores.

The chilly evening is warmed as you arrive here and are greeted with a smile, a glass of chilled sparkling wine, and some tantalizing appetizers. Then it's on to the kitchen where the two of you work together to create the special menu straight from the shores of Cinque Terre! 

Letteralmente Amore (Mint “Love Letters” Ravioli with Spicy Lamb Sausage)
Branzino Incrosta di Sale (A whole Branzino Fish stuffed with all kinds of delicious citrus and herbs, then wrapped in a salt crust and roasted to perfection) Just wait till you crack that crust and inhale the delicious aromas!
Verdure alla Griglia (Grilled seasonal vegetables) 
Mini Torta Cassata (Stacked Mini Pound Cake Slices with Candied Fruit, Dark Chocolate and Marzipan)

Included in the price of your class is a variety of wines chosen by our sommelier to specially pair with your menu. 

Come, travel down Cinque Terre's Lover's Lane with us! 

To redeem a GIFT CARD, please call (303-220-9769) to register.
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