Simply Spain - Summer Nights in Seville NEW!
Friday, September 8, 2017
6:00pm - 9:00pm

$95.00 per person, plus tax

seville architectureSEVILLE, the stunning Andalusian capital, is famous for so many things.  It truly is a melting pot of cultures (Romans, Muslims, Jews, and Christians) which gave us so much to take in.

seville modern architectureIncredible examples of ancient and modern architecture that boggle the mind! 

Christopher Columbus, who sailed from an Andalusian port (close to Seville) to conquor the world.

Legendary Don Juan, who set off from Seville to conqor the hearts of women all across Europe.

flamenco dander  Colorful street festivals.      
  Buzzing nightlife that goes on until   the crack of dawn.
  Flamenco dancers in the streets.
  Bull fights (not in the streets).
  Delicious wines.
  Famous cured ham (Iberian Ham!!)


Seville is truly a foodie haven, considered by most to have the best food in Spain. In Seville, it's not just about what you eat – it is about how, when and where you eat it too.  

seville food street sceneThe food scene is one of the main cultural attractions of the city, it's a social scene, a gathering together of people to share the day's events and food. With everything from Tapas to Full Plates, all washed down with big glasses of wine, it's a gastronomical paradise.     

Today, our Chef will lead you as you prepare these delicious dishes from Seville, Spain.

seville tapas foodMezcla de Lechugas, Higos, Ensalada de Queso de Manchego y Panceta (Mixed Greens, Fig, Pancetta and Manchego Cheese Salad)
Solomillo al Whiskey (Sauted Pork Tenderloin with a Garlic, Lemon, Whiskey Glaze) (AMAZING!!)

Patatas Bravas (Brave Potatoes)
Sevilla Naranja y Tarta de Almendra (Seville Orange and Almond Cake)

 Of course each delicious course will be perfectly paired with that delicious Spanish wine that brings out the best qualities of each dish you prepared. 

La Comida era Estupenda - Great Food!!

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